Saks sent me a $25.00 card...

  1. ...when I signed up for a credit card and bought a Gucci bag.
    It says I have 2months to use it. I don't understand why they sent it to me though - out of nowhere - it had kisses on it and said "Saks loves you".
    Do they do this all the time?
  2. I don't know but it sure is a nice gesture. Must have been that great bag!
  3. That is a welcome gift. I received one when I signed up for Saks card.
  4. Its a welcome gift -- when you make your first purchase on the Saks card, they send you a $25 gift card. I haven't gotten mine yet AND I bought a Gucci bag with it....hmmm I wonder if they sent my card to you ...hehehe
  5. I got one too, but I haven't signed up for a card... I make purchases once in a while, so I guess it's just a nice gesture, or temptation to make me spend more!
  6. I get these gift cards about once per quarter. They're great! A few years ago I got a gift card that didn't tell you the amount -- you had to take it to the store to find out. My gift card was $100! I was so excited. I definitely used it that day!
  7. i got those gift cards once a while when i was in Arizona, $25 gift card but since I moved to Oregon I havent' get any .
  8. This is one of the reasons why I buy at Saks rather than NM.