Saks selling Miu Miu bags

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  1. I don't normally surf Saks searching for Miu Miu bags but was looking through the sales section today and discovered this!

    I have not seen a MM bag on Saks for ages... I'm sure I read on this forum that they were not selling them online anymore due to people returning fakes (not sure if this was also happening in-store?) Anyone know if it has changed?

    I am kicking myself though for looking earlier, what a beautiful bag and what a bargain!
  2. r u talking about the harlequin?!
    it has been on the sale section & "unavailable" for a while....

    has to be a system issue with

  3. that's so cruel....

    i hope they fix it up soon.

    i can't believe i haven't noticed it before.
    how long is a while?
  4. I noticed it today and it's not available....I did notice a Fendi and a Dior that were available or so it said and I liked them...too bad I am banned!
  5. been at least 2 weeks - this bag was from spring 2008 - so doubtful that it is even available. period.

    i think Saks like to put things that are unavailabe on... so... it looks less empty on the sale page ;)
  6. I agree with Kiki.

    It's most likely a glitch.

    If it's even available, it would have been sent to the outlets.

    Sometimes, their computer database reuses the same URL link for listings.