Saks Security Call

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  1. Does anyone have any information about this? I placed an order and they won't finalize the order until the security team calls me to verify my purchase. I'm at work all day and unable to answer any calls.
  2. This happened to me when I made a large purchase on my credit card. It was similar to the calls you receive from credit card companies. They wanted to verify that I was the one making all those purchases. You should try to get back to them so they dont cancel your order
  3. This happens pretty often now. Usually when you buy from an international seller though, are you in the USA and buying from Saks in the USA?
  4. This is one of those fraud alert calls to make sure that the account holder is the one making a purchase. I get this quite often especially during this sale period when I'm buying big ticket items over the phone from across the country.

    Do U get a break during the day? Maybe u can call them during ur break?
  5. They cancelled my order twice because of this. I gave up. :sad:
  6. It probably has more to do with the credit card company than Saks. Could be there is some usual activity?
  7. Is this only for online orders or over the phone? US or international? I'm curios as this may prevent me from shopping there in the future...

  8. I ordered first online, it went through on my Amex, then Saks cancelled the order when they called me at home to confirm the shipping address (but I was at work). I live in NYC so have to ship everything elsewhere because things can get stolen from the lobby/stoop. I called to complain and the Sales rep put the order through again, but via the store locator rather than warehouse inventory so they cancelled he order again, even though the item was still available online. I was trying to order a pair of Lanvin flats, $625. They did ship a pair of $100 pants after the first cancellation.
  9. I'm in the U.S. I've never had a problem with other retailers before.

    Anyway, the order ended up being cancelled. After i made the purchade, the item was available on the site for two full days before it went out of stock. I wonder if people that chose expedited shipping were able to receive the items before it sold out.

    Anyone have an idea? I may expedite my next order if this is a case. Overall, very disappointed in saks.
  10. This has happened to me, but I spoke with the and it took a couple of minutes.