Saks Score this AM - Should I keep it?


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  1. They can be cleaned, keep it.

  2. They cannot be cleaned, but they are minute, keep it

  3. It is not worth the headache. Return it.

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  1. I got a great deal this morning on the crazy sale at Saks. This is the Glace Calf Satchel in Talco. Problem is there are a few tiny spots on the bag. Nothing that jumps out at you, but I know it is there. There are two light brown spots and one ink mark that I can see.

    Will the leather cleaner/conditioner take it out? How easy is it to keep this bag clean?

    Should I keep it or return it?

    This is just a stock picture, I will post some pics of the bag from home.
  2. How great of a deal was it? I think that would make a huge difference, if it were me!
  3. 65% off the price.:yahoo: I just tried to clean with Apple Guard, but the stains are here to stay.
    Picture 002.jpg Picture 009.jpg Picture 005.jpg Picture 003.jpg Picture 004.jpg
  4. It depends on how much it is bothering you. For me, whenever I spend a ton of $$$, I expect that my purchase will be perfect (and even at 35% of the original price, you're still spending a lot of $$, right?). Alternatively, if I really loved the bag and the stains were super tiny (i.e. no one else would ever notice and it was the type of thing that I would probably do to the bag myself in 3 days anyway), the extra $$ would not be worth it to me. Only you can decide. But you definitely should not keep something you're not entirely satisfied with, because it will bother you every time you use it.

    Have you tried talking to the SA or Prada for ideas on how to clean it (or get a new bag)?
  5. ITA
  6. Thanks uro & pi. This is not something you will notice at once, only if you go looking for it. It is on the front side of the bag towards the bottom. After a couple of rub downs with apple guard the stain is lighter. But, I got it for a song.:nuts:
  7. The bag is gorgeous!! I think it's a keeper (especially if you got it for only a song!). :tup:
  8. well, for 65% off....
  9. Thanks miu2 & bagpunk. Is there any other cleaner I can try on it? The folks here at Prada are not too knowledgeable ya know.
  10. Absolutely! It's going to get banged around when you carry it anyway, so KEEP IT!!!:yes:

    Shoot, give it to ME for that price! I don't mind a few warts at that type of discount. ;)
  11. Thanks PP. I am keeping this one.:wlae::jammin::woohoo:

    Do you see the stain in the picture? Any idea on how to remove it?
  12. Only because you pointed it out and only if I squint. ;)
  13. Shoot the people at Loving my bags an email and ask them. I'm sure they could help.

    GREAT bag!!! :drool:
  14. Wow! 65% off?! Why I never got such a good deal? lol... Keep it!
  15. Wow -- I've had three reactions just reading through the thread -- think PP is right tho, it will get banged around and this way, you paid 35% of retail for it so when it gets its first ding with you, you won't want to shoot yourself.

    Did you see the bag on it's way to me from BF -- I haven't scrolled down to my thread yet to see if you saw it -- I cannot wait to see it when it gets here !!