Saks @ San Antonio Stock Navy EW, Paris Biarritz, Black LA

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  1. here's what i can remember...
    • Beige/white/black PST​
    • Navy Lamb E/W w/new chain $1985​
    • double flap clutch (kinda like 2 mini stick side by side)​
    • White caviar timeless clutch​
    • bronze python clutch (1850?)​
    • blue/purple tone python pochette​
    • larege butter cream bubble quilt flap​
    • white expandable flap​
    • Green Drill tote​
    • Black LA ​
    • Paris Biarritz messenger tote grey & white(handheld style)​
    • Paris Biarritz duffle black on black​
    • Sharpei tote NS​
    • Rodeo Drive​
    • MC baby bowler in black & white​
    • white & black Cerf tote​
    • med brown flap (brown w/slight of lavender)​
    • luggage tag​
    • yellow lamb card case​
    • yellow accrodian flap​
    Saks @ San Antonio 210 341 4111. Highly recommend Brandi if you need SA suggestion!
    Good luck:tup:
  2. thank you
  3. Thanks for posting. You have great memory.
  4. Thanks for sharing Classic Chic. Btw, did you end up getting J12 before the price increased?
  5. thanks for your info. :smile:
  6. Wow great memory, too bad no red pieces..
  7. Thanks for the information. White timeless clutch is tempting.
  8. i spend a whole afternoon playing with them lol, there is some coral & yellow pieces :tup:
  9. yeah, i bite the bullet on triple point, but opened a Major Purchase account (12 months interest free :graucho:) to save some space for this up comming Triple point :shame: just glad i'm still single lol.