Saks San Antonio Presale

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  1. Saks San Antonio has the small light green mademoisselle tote, a large black Mad. Tote, baby animals diaper bag, visor, and something else I can't remember available for pre-sale.

    Helen, the SA I deal with there, said she can get the larger mad. tote also for presale.

    They also have the Sombrero bags that look alot like the ultimate soft, in the beautiful red/coral color and in black.

    Ifyou're looking for the crystal CC logo earrings they had those, the ones with the black ribbon with CCs, and the pearl logo CCs.

    Call Helen at (210) 341-4111.
  2. I called them this morning and bought a luxury bag on SALE!!! in that yummy coral color...the last one she had in the back. YAY!!!! on sale and no tax :biggrin:
  3. Oh, they also had the cream expandable flap.
  4. oh, how i wish i could find a coral luxe
  5. Will that be on sale???? For how much?
  6. No, that one wasn't on sale. I'll go back and clarify my post.
  7. how much were the earrings?
  8. The pearl earrings were $210, and I think the crystal one are also. I think the ribbon earrings were $340.00

    They also had the pink heart earrings and the matching keychain w/ the lock and CCs, but I didn't notice how much those were.
  9. do they have any PST?
  10. I didn't notice this time, but I know a couple of weeks ago they had a beige PST.
  11. Are the Sombrero bags on sale? Thanks so much!
  12. no they're not, hehe I asked :smile:
  13. Oh. Whew...thank goodness or I would have jumped on it. :yes: I preferred it in navy. Thanks anyway!
  14. Well, the bad news is that they aren't on sale, but the good news is that they're probably still there...or should I change that to the bad news is that they are still there? Must restrain myself!!!!:yes:
  15. I know, the red one is beautiful... Eventually I want to get one.