Saks Sale

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  1. I just returned from the Chevy Chase Saks and many Designer items on the second floor are on pre-sale at 20%. Sale starts tomorrow:yahoo:
  2. what about shoes?
  3. what type of discount, percentage wise? I'm trying not to shop but I'm in need some some jeans
  4. they had some racks of a couple of different styles of Kors shoes in a bunch of sizes but beyond that none of the shoes were on sale
  5. The sale items were 20% off but not all items in the store were on sale - only selected items on the Designer floor.
  6. will Miu Miu bags be on sale? hehe
  7. Yes I was told designer is on sale except for Lida Baday! :tup:
  8. ^^^^cute Chanel flats btw!

    When is the good Saks shoe sales??? June?
  9. ^Thank you. ;)I believe Act I sales begin mid May, then Act II would be around June, but who knows with way the economy is looks like the retailers are being quite aggresive to push some early sales!
  10. i heard lanvin was not included in the sale...