Saks sale

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  1. Well it is! I know several of us thought this bag was tre' beautiful in blue and now it's 30% off! Saks is the only online store that has it in navy blue (as well as the JC web site), and as of this morning they have 8 left in blue.

    I think I'm going to wait to see if it's still available at 50% off since they do have so many left. I just can't bring myself to pay almost $1400 for a suede bag. But if anyone else does, let us know! :tup:

    Hmmm....although, to put it into perspective, Saks shows 25 Cognac Alex bags available....maybe 8 in the navy isn't so many after all especially since the sale just started! :push:
  2. Wow it's gorgeous why oh why can't they have these sales after Chritsmas so I know how much disposable income I have left.
  3. Stinkerbelle where does it say how many bags are left?
  4. ^^ In the "quantity" box you just put in 100 and it then click "add to bag", it will tell you how many they actually have available since it's not likely they're going to have 100!

    Sigh....I'm still looking at the bag myself, I think the one thing that will keep me from going for it is that I would get charged sales tax. So at 30% off plus tax it's just not that great of a deal to me. :sad:
  5. Wow thanks for the tip and yeah I live in NYC so I get hit by the sales tax too. At 8.25% I always try to find bags from different states. I actually sent two bags to Boston to my boyfriend's best friend so I would have to pay tax.
  6. I just bought the Yeva boots in black.:wlae: I was afraid if I waited until they go 50% my size would be gone. This is my 3rd pair of Choo flat boots...I just don't see any of the handbags that I really need that will be on sale. When you figure that the shipping is free, it is about the same price I'd pay thru the web site.:yahoo:Plus they will arrive during the week when DH is out of town!:sneaky:
  7. Okay, so they are Choo boots, now you have to post in the new ref. lib. I'm totally into ETA planning myself;). Not when we talk high heels though, DH totally gets those. It's the flats that he hates.
  8. I will post as soon as I get them...12-06 is the ETA! I need to post pics in the new library of all my Choo loot. I just can't get to my camera until this weekend.
  9. YAY for jmcadon! I love those boots. You must take modeling pics when they arrive. And the biker leather...oooooooooo! :drool:
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I always try to purchase my items in the mid part of the week, that way they will most likely arrive the following week during the day when I am the only one at home and can hurry and stick it in the closet :sneaky:

    Then when I whip it out, I can us the old line "Oh, I got these awhile ago, don't you remember Honey??" :graucho:
    (Of course that ONLY works if I am sure not to do it when DD is around or she always calls me on it :cursing:)
  11. I am so glad I got them at Saks. is out in my size. Hey the boots were 40% off! I had been eyeing them for awhile and since there is really nothing I want handbag wise right now I couldn't turn them down.
    Well I could have....:lol:
  12. I didn't see nuttin' on the Saks site for myself in my size. Can't keep up with suede, so Alex is out for now.

    As far as shoes go, Robyn must have hogged up all the shoes in 'our' size. :nogood::p:roflmfao: Just kidding, you know I :heart:ya!
  13. Thanks for that great information - I just tested the sage/bone Mahala and they had 58 bags available - that seems quite a lot. How will I know the minute they go to 50% off? I don't want to miss that. The 30% off also does not seem like a bargain - tax and if the local Saks doesn't have one left - I would have to pay shipping which is about $19.00+.
  14. Wow! Stickerbelle the "Sale Sleuth" :sneaky:is on it!

    Great tip!:tup::tup:
    Thank you