saks sale

  1. I just came from Saks in Boca Raton, Fl. They are having a great sale. Everything from Balenciaga to Chloe to Prada. If you find something on sale, they will hold it for you until next Wednesday when they mark down the sale stuff another 30 percent. If you agree to open a charge, they will give you an additinal 10 percent off. I picked out a Balenciaga bowler I have had my eye on and when I pick it up on Wednesday it will be $412! Original price was around $1700.
  2. OMG that is a steal! Please post pics when you get her!
    Too bad I don't live in Florida. The Saks in Southern California aren't having any sales like that... :sad:
  3. Good for you!!!
  4. What a great deal!
  5. that is a steal - please post pics!
  6. ohhh! my saks wouldnt do that for me! do you know if this saks will do a charge pre-sale and send it to me? i have a saks card.
  7. What's the name of your SA? I'll call him/her!
  8. congrats! I can't wait to see pics.

    i love that saks gives you the 10% off for opening a charge. that's how i justified buying my classic flap. also, once you have the account, you get another 10% off coupon to use online once you register to view your statements online.
  9. What a steal! Congrats!
  10. that is amazing!!! congrats on an incredible deal! and thanks for posting...i really wish i lived in florida (although for those prices it might be worth the trip)! :lol:
  11. OMG... What a great deal!!! Damn just when I decided I was going to stick to my purse ban..hmmm.. maybe I can start after just one more purchase!
  12. wow great deal!!!:tup:
  13. oooh, i'll check there tomorrow!
  14. Does the second markdown only applied to SAKs in Boca Raton FL ??? What about NYC or else where??? TIA.
  15. I wonder if they do phone order? i know Sakd NYC does, i might try later. Does anyone know what exactly is on sale? anyway, i will ask.
    i hope i can get more bags. i missed out on the MJ stam.