SAKS sale- Who got stuff?!

  1. Who picked up something Marc Jacobs today at the Saks sale?

    I managed to score an 06 black calf clutch, originally $395 for 30% off PLUS an extra %10 for opening an account! My grand total came to $240 something!! :yahoo:

    They also had the Ursula Patent Quilted Hobo (i think it's called) on 30% off in both black and midnight plus a couple plain-ish totes (not multipocket though) and the calf credit card holder.
  2. I can't wait for the Saks to reopen here! What a fantastic deal on a black zip clutch. Love them! Congratulations.
  3. Congrats Sammy, you got a classic clutch for an amazing price. =)

    I'm nuts about MJ's styles/colors, would you please post the style number on the tag (C3xxxxx)? What color is the stitching?

  4. I will when i actually recieve it, hehe They sold out in my local Saks so i had an SA call and order it from a different store (Chicago if i remember right..) I should have it in 5 days or so :smile:
  5. ^ Thanks Sammydoll, 5 days will fly by. =)

    I had his pair of Stuart Weitzman boots in my shopping basket, but it sold out in my size when I am ready to check out. =(

  6. Aw, i'm sorry! Those are super nice though! Boots are definitely something i'll hopefully be buying soon.. There was a pair of Cole Haan ones that were on the sale that were actually pretty nice too.. But oh my gosh.. There was this See by Chloe sweater.. And the same thing happened to me as with your boots. I was so sad! It was like $369 reduced from over $600! raWrR!
  7. I can relate. =) I can wear boots in 5 1/2, they are hard to come by. I would love to get this Marc coat, but it's not available in my size at Eluxury ($548 reduced to $329); it's completely gone at MARC store, I might have to do some hunting. =)
  8. Oo:huh: that's cute! Personally, i love all the little capelets he has comw out with! They had tonnnsss of MarcByMarc clothes marked down today at NM! Like tonnnss! And yay for small feet! I wear a size 6! :yes:

    I'm going to bed now, have a goodnight+sweetdreams:heart:
  9. I was this close to buying a zip clutch too in creme . . .at the Saks near me they had 40% of all MJ and I was considering opening a CC. I held off though b/c I really want to save the 10% for a bigger purchase. It was so hard though :cursing: I love the clutch it is perfect as a wallet or evening bag:heart:
  10. [​IMG]
    So flattering irl :]

  11. 40% off ALL MJ? all styles? that's crazzzyy! I wish that would have been the case here!
  12. sammydoll congrats on your purchase!

    bag.lover i was going to get those boots! i love them!! now that i see them again i should have ordered them :sad:

    i ordered the m by mj black satchel purse. it was 30% off and i got free shipping! and the best part is that i ordered it yesterday and its already waiting for me at home!!! it's my first mj purchase and the leather looks soooo soft!! cant wait till work is over.. only 4 more hours
  13. those cluthes are very cute! congrats sammydoll.

    diorwhore33- post a photo when you can!! congrats to you as well.

    all i got was a Marc by MJ Totally Turnlock Flap Clutch in black. 30% off with another 10%(WELCOM code) and free shipping(saksfirst)! it's okay though because i just purchased my mj quilted bowler last week- so nothing for me for another ten years.:smile:
  14. zoinksta, i think we have the same taste....i have been in love with that dress since it first came out. yum! did you get it? it will be so darling with your hudson!
  15. PS...i didn't get anything MJ at the sale....i defected & got a mulberry bayswater - LOL. now that i have the hudson to compare it to, i'm not sure it'll survive my penchant for returning things - LOL :P