Sak's Sale Links

  1. How are you finding those links ashakes?
  2. I don't know? Sometimes they show up for me and other times they don't. Sak's website is irritating anyways b/c they show things in a search that are not available anymore. Does this bug anybody else? LOL
  3. the gucci slides are so cute. wish they had my size.
  4. They are really cute...I had them and returned them because I got Fendi B buckle ones in silver instead. They keep on popping back up on NM..but they are a little more expensive.
  5. Nawww...the more the merrier. I don't always post everything. I tend to post the ones that I think are "hidden" or are popular among the girls on here. :smile:

    The more linkers, the better! hehe
  6. You are amazing.....thanks for all your efforts!!

  7. I thought you bought them already? Ohhh you got the bag right?

    Lady, I messaged you back last night? You no love me anymore? LOL
  8. Yeah, I'm pretty sure this bag was cheaper in the store. I recall a fellow TPFer buying it and takings. Search the Gucci threads perhaps or call an outlet????
  9. I'm good. Just did not have time. Too busy checkin out the May-July sales!