saks sale items - can't find your size?

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to share a tip with those that see something on the website on sale but their size is unavailable. I have had great luck chatting with a Saks SA online, and asking them if my item/size is available at any of the stores. They will let you know availability, then you can call the store to see if they have it. If they do, they will do a charge-send to you!

    I just did this with this item:

    I found it in BLACK (I asked what other colors were available) in my size, for the same price!

    Anyhow thought I'd share this with everyone! I've done this about 5 times now and gotten some fabulous deals!:wlae:
  2. Cute parka!
  3. Thanks for the tip!!! Great deal on that cute parka :smile:
  4. I had that done on a pair of shoes before. The only down side is that I was charged $13.00 for shipping instead of the $9.00 that they charge at
  5. Thank you for the great tip! Will the store charge the shipping fees?
  6. does anyone know if you can do that with Neiman Marcus online chat? i was trying to find an item with a store but i don't have the SKU code with me.
  7. I think it's up to the SA if they want to charge for shipping. I had to pay $13 for shipping on this parka, but not bad considering the sale price!

    I've bought DVF dresses before where the SA matched the online "free shipping over $150 promo" - so I think it depends if they know what their policy is or not.

    I do believe and saks stores are run differently, so I think the free shipping is the exemption to the rule...
  8. RE: NM, you can try with the NM item code? Try the NM online chat to see if they can pull of store inventory.... I think it should work!
  9. ^ thanks, but nope. NM online chat says they can't check store inventory, so i'm stuck.
  10. that's too bad.

    I've done this for Nordstrom as well, their customer service is impeccable!!!!
  11. I remember seeing that jacket at for half price, plus our extra 20% with thepursefourm code....
  12. Saks online chat was able to help me track down a bag at the store. I had to keep checking in since they were sold out in the store but then a return came in and the timing was right.
  13. Yes i saw the one on shirley and co... unfortunately they didn't have my size!!! I'm size Small and usually that seems like it is the size that goes first!
  14. I have that jacket....I love it!!!

  15. They only have size XL need to put some meat on your bones! lol!