Saks sale--30% off white reporter with black ccs

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  1. Saks in NY had 3 of these reporters today marked down 30%
  2. did Saks have anything else on sale?
  3. Hello,

    Just bought my first chanel. I bought this one. Just wanted to know if the white cambon gets dirty easily? Thanks
  4. ^^^ Apparently, even its own handles can bleed color onto the white! Be careful not to press them against it, even when it's stored in the dustbag! But you can always take it back and have it cleaned/redyed.
  5. ^ yea! be careful with the black handles on the cambon line!!
  6. Thanks for your advice. I just received it and it has some scratches in the back of the bag. Is there any way to take it off or should I just return it for another Chanel purse? It was on sale and I heard that they are not going to make any more of the cambon line. Should I ask for a discount?