Saks sale 24 or 25?

  1. I asked through chatting systmen and they said the Saks sale starts on the 25th but someone here said 24th? Which one do you think it is ladies? Thanks.
  2. Ugh, i thought it started the day after Christmas (online, anyway) Anyone know?
  3. wait yeah the chatting person said that it's wrong it is the 26th. Extra 50% on current markdown. Does this sound right?
  4. I'm still speechless is it really extra 50%?
  5. usually in past years they had an even better deal in stores on the 26th for early shoppers. Tomorrow I am going to call my sales associate see what he says. They usually allow you to presale on the 24th, for pick up early on the 26th. Huge discount, def worth the trip!
  6. it has always been 50%..............for the last 7 years taht I can remember. at noon it drops to 40%.
  7. Its usually 50% before noon, and then 40 or 30% after noon
  8. how about Saks online? Based on previous experience, will new items go on sale or is it just getting a second cut off whatever is on sale now? I am asking in relation to both bags and apparel :smile:
  9. Got the Saks postcard yesterday, it's an additional 50% off exisitng markdown items from 8am ~ noon and then it's 40% off after 12pm.
  10. ok, last year, sale starts 26th, but online actually starts at midnight
  11. midnight of 25th
  12. OMGosh, okay so let me get this correct.

    So if today there is a Ferragamo, regular price $1,190 on sale today for $833.00 the price at midnight would be $416.50?

  13. don't know if there are any exlusions though
  14. Last year, the online sale started 12:01am Christmas morning. I remember because I had just finished assembling the my daughter's dollhouse (from "Santa") so I was rewarding myself with a little online shopping - but everything flew out of my cart before I could check out!
  15. Yes it's the 26th and there are always exclusions. Last year I tried to get a Fendi in store and it was excluded, but it's a GREAT deal on most items.