Saks SA sold my bag on hold!

  1. I'm a bit calmer now but a couple hours ago I was fuming. I had an e/w on hold at Saks. I didn't do a charge send b/c I never saw the bag in person and I didn't want it on my Saks card. (DH already said it could be my 1 yr anniversary gift) On the street and before I enter the subway my SA called and told me my bag was sold to someone else and already shipped out. :tdown: They don't have any more left :crybaby:I was livid! How did this happen? She claims she was out yesterday and thats when it happened. I got a mani-pedi to calm myself.
  2. So sorry to hear. That sucks. It seems there has been a rash of disservice by SA lately. I just had my SA "accidentally charge" and ship something that was not suppose to be charged and sent to me. I guess I have the opposite problem.
  3. I am so sorry to hear what happened with ur bag. What is going on with Saks today?? They seem to be on a :tdown: bad streak of extremely rude customer service!! No excuses because its ECG!:cursing:
  4. So sorry this happened to you. I hope you can track another one down somewhere.
  5. So sorry! Seems to be a rash of these things happening lately. Hopefully, you'll be able to find one at another location.
  6. WOW.That blows..SO sorry...did u try callin other SAKS?
  7. call her manager, explain and have her find you another bag.
  8. you should demand you get your purse!!! Such horrible service.
  9. The SA didn't sound very apologetic but I don't care anymore. I never liked Saks that much and I got pulled into that store for their EGC event last month. I think I'll stick with NM in the future. The whole time I was getting my nails done I thought to myself "At least I got the call before I got on the train" The SA I was dealing with wasn't very helpful. I was looking for the infamous Joseph last month and he was busy so I ended up with her. If anyone sees one in black caviar with the new chain, PM me! :yes:
  10. sorry to hear that... you should get a different SA and have him/her locate the bag you want.
  11. I am sorry that happened to you. I would feel the same way.

    I don't have any advice other than deal with a different SA in the future. I learned my lesson earlier this month. Find a good SA that you love and stick with him/her!
  12. So sorry this happened to you:wtf::wtf:
  13. Aww that sucks, I'd be really sad too :sad: I bet the other SA sold it to fulfill her own sales quotas. I'd still complain to the manager and make them find me a new one AND still give me the EGC.
  14. sorry to hear that. i hope you find another one soon.
  15. Shoot!!!! I hate when things like this happen....Good luck finding another one..You will...