Saks SA contact details wanted!!!

  1. Dear All,

    I'm looking for a bubble quilt bowler. Nordstrom is already out of stock and NM only accept AE card payment with international shippment (i don't have AE card). So i would try Saks. Do you know any SA in Saks? Can anyone provide me the contact details of SA in Saks?

    A million thanks!
  2. Saks Santa Barbara has one, my SA's name is Cherry and her number is 8058845857 =] good luck!
  3. lilwickkitwitch, thanks alot! Do you know what is the color? I hope it is in dark brown color. I will call Cherry to check this out!
  4. Try Donna at SAKS in BALA,PA
    1-610-667-1550 ext 258,she can get it for u!
  5. Thanks, Jill. I will call Donna tonite.
  6. MayHo

    I also do not have a AMEX and my SA at Neiman Marcus told me that I can buy a virtual / online gift certificate and use it to buy my bag. In the end, I did not manage to get my bag (it was out of stock) so I did not find out how to go about doing it. Why don't you try asking your SA at NM on this payment method?
  7. MYPL, I will ask the SA at NM but it seems that he is not very helpful
  8. hmm i forgot what color it was, but Cherry can locate any color for you and ship it to u =] good luck! post pictures when u get it!!!
  9. good luck! hope you can find it! i used my Amex for my NM purchases cause she said that's the fastest with international orders otherwise i'd have to buy virtual/online gift certificates to purchase my items (i wonder how many you'll need to buy if you're getting bags lol). i used my other card for my balenciaga purchases which made the process alot more tedious cause of the verification and authorization. anyhow, all the best and update us! ;)
  10. MAyHo - If you want to, I can refer my NM SA to you. Though she works at another branch, she probably can get the bag transfered to her store. Let me know.
  11. mayho, you can buy the beige BQ online through the NM catalog. You can pay with Visa or MC. Let me know of you need the code. I'm not at home right now, I can look for you when I get home.
  12. mayho, damian is very good. he is at saks PA.
  13. Brandi is my fav Saks SA, May is also helpful. They can be reached at 210 341 4111. good luck!
  14. when i purchased from NM once

    she transferred me to the gift card department, i bought it and then was transferred back to the SA who put the sale through for me. i paid using international visa CC
  15. I just bought a bag from NM and requested for international shipping. I still couldn't get my bag after two weeks from the order. :confused1:

    I do not have an Amex myself and I used my brother AMEX instead. I bought the bag in Beverly Hills. They said the bag went to Dallas for security checking and verification but then it couldn't get through since they suspected it is a fraudulent transaction.

    The SA told me that the bag would be returned to her store but this morning when I called her. She said she has no clue when the bag will come back and what to do with it?? The worst thing is the AMEX bill come and asks for the payment!!!:cursing:
    I have complained to the NM customers service but no feedback yet!!:tdown: