Saks reward card is in the mail

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  1. I got my reward card today. Check your mail today.:yahoo:It is fast. Mine is expired 04/31/2009. Great for Friend and family if there is any.
  2. #2 Feb 2, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2009
    got mine too :happydance:
  3. Me too!! I got $250! Does anyone know if this can be used on Louis Vuitton? It's my first year getting a reward card so I'm not sure if there are any exclusions.
  4. Got mine too!!! :wlae::yahoo::yahoo::nuts:
  5. Mine arrived, too. Was hoping for alittle bit more but $55.00 will give me a small start. Very small with what I would like to buy....
  6. Yay, got mine too. Now, what to use it on........
  7. can i ask what is this and how can i get one?
  8. It's like a bonus gift card that you can spend at Saks. You earn it by having a Saks credit card. All purchases made on the card throughout the year racks up points. At the end of the year, you get the bonus card (usually in January/February). The points are converted into a dollar amount.

    I got my card today, too!
  9. oh my.. u must have spent alot during the sale.:P or VIP to them..:sweatdrop:
  10. i got mine too. :smile:
    i am also curious about using gift card in LV.
  11. How many points equal to how much of a rewards cert you get? Thanks, I just started using my Saks card. :biggrin:
  12. I just got mine today too! $963!!!!!! YAy!!! Now, what to buy????:sweatdrop::wlae:
  13. You get 2 points for using it at Saks, 1 point for using outside.

    The real deal days are during double and triple points day because then it is 4 and 6 points for each dollar, but once you are a platinum member then you get 6 points on regular days, 12 points on double days, and 18 points on triple days. It turns out to be 6%, 12% and 18% back in the form of these gift cards. (So once you are platinum and say spend $2000.00, then you would get $360.00)

    Since Chanel, Prada is off of the EGC, this might be the best way to rack up some free money, the bummer is that you have to wait until the end of the year to cash in.
  14. I got mine today too.