Saks returns

  1. Sooo I'm probably getting myself worried for nothing, but here's my concern...

    I ordered online & am now returning a bag to Saks, so I used the enclosed pre-addressed USPS return label. I mailed it a couple of days ago from work, and when I check the tracking number online, it says that no record of the package exists!
    I've mailed lots of things with USPS and I know their online system isn't always totally up to date, but I'm still worried that now I'm gonna be out $800 because something bad happened to my package.

    Those of you who have online-returned to Saks, about how long did it take for them to get your package & credit you? I chatted with them today, but it was zero help.
  2. It may be the USPS website that is slow at tracking progress of the package. This has happened to me a few times. You should call their customer service line to speak to someone directly.
  3. i would give it a few more days before you start worrying. i completely understand how you feel tho! this won't help you now, but in the future, if you use those prepaid USPS return labels that are paid for by the merchant, you can purchase a certificate of mailing (i think it's like 95 cents) to prove that you dropped it off at the post office. it's the only proof that the USPS will allow you to purchase when using these types of labels. with that as proof, you wouldn't be held liable for a lost USPS package.
  4. I wouldn't worry quite yet, I've had it take several days for the tracking number to show up on the USPS system...I am sure it is ok.
  5. I've returned stuff to Saks before too using the prepaid USPS label and always worried whether it would arrive, but it always did. I'd say on the average of a week to a week and a half is how long it took them to record receipt of my return.
  6. I've always found Saks great with returns. I agree, it may take a week or 10 days but I believe they email with confirmation of your return and I have never had a return lost or not credited. Don't worry.. it will be fine!
  7. USPS is slow, by the time they update it.. it will have said your packaged has been delivered! I've had it happen to me many times.
  8. usually the usps tracking is updated in the evening but there was this one time that it took 3 days for it to show up as it being dropped off so at this point i wouldn't worry but with large purchase returns i always insure it because you never know what could happen and if you mail it and it gets lost or damaged the store nor the post office will refund you
  9. That's what I'm worried about...because it's been 5 days now. It is insured, but if they don't have any record of it, the insurance is useless. I didn't bring it to the post office, I put it in the mail at work. I've never had a problem mailing stuff from work, but maybe that's why it isn't in the system, because I didn't bring it to the PO.
    Waaa hopefully it will get there soon.
  10. what do you mean by it's insured?
    do you mean it was insured when it was sent to you???
    if thats the case when you returned it unless you insured it at the post office it is not insured.
    for example if i buy a bag and it's sent to me yes the store will insure their package but if i don't like it and i return it. I have to insure it to send it back!
    the insurance is to cover the bag leaving the store and getting to you only.
    Itmust be insured again leaving you ( post office job etc) to the store (return department)
  11. ^^ The pre-adrdessed return label from Saks comes with insurance. So wherever my package is, it's insured, but because the post office doesn't know the package exists, the insurance isn't good for anything.
  12. are you 100% sure it is insured? i would contact saks to make sure
    since it was sent out from your job it still has to go thru the postal service so at some point it has to get scanned and once it does you have proof.
    Did you write down the tracking number from the label?
  13. EDIT: Nevermind, I'm paranoid. Just talked to Saks and they got my item :biggrin:
  14. yayyyyyyyy