Saks return by UPS

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  1. Hey guys, what do you think.... I purchased a Chanel bag via phone with Saks, NYC (I'm out of state). Wasn't what I expected quality-wise. I did a UPS, insured, tracked, required signature & it seemed to get there OK. It's only been 3 days since they received it back (they received it 7-6-16). I called & they told me I'll see my credit 6-8 WEEKS. Wow! I can't believe that. I just did a search on TPF & back in 2013 they mentioned that in a thread as well. Consumer wise, that just doesn't seem right. They have requirements for returns e.g. Original packaging, tags attached etc...But on their side they don't offer a timely credit. I think this is bad customer service for them. That means the bag that I returned will sit in some warehouse for at least a month & who knows what condition it will be in by the time it gets looked at. It's a seasonal bag so that means it's inventory that's may be requested by a customer but will lose the ability to be resold (in a timely fashion) I just don't understand this. When I called to do my return, the Chanel boutique sales person told me to address it to the Chanel Boutique department which leads me to think that they will receive it, check it, then credit it back. I think I may contact Chanel (via email) & let them know I truly don't think this is acceptable to the customer & to Chanel.

    For the record, I didn't complain to the sales person, just took the info in & realized this truly doesn't make sense at all.

    From a consumer stand point, I have to pay my Charge card as if I did keep the bag. This practice is so weird to me. I definitely will contact Chanel. I won't complain, per say, just let them know that a loyal & repeat customer is not happy with this practice.

    Any thoughts? Am I missing something?
  2. It partially falls on the store and partially on the CC. They should process the refund in a timely manner, 6 to 8 weeks isn't timely at all. But also some CCs will get a refund but they will not credit it back quickly they hang on to the credit a week or two before you receive it. I also think that a part of the issue might also be in the fact that you purchased chanel via saks and they have additional guidelines for refunds. Do you have a online account for that CC? If so you can see. If it's already been credited back or at the very least pending. If it really bothers you this much I'd suggest doing one of a few things. First try contacting the store directly and talk to a manager to expedite the process. If you don't get anywhere from that then file a charge back with your CC. This way you won't have to pay for something you don'thave or be charged interest for it either.

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    The bag has been returned & received by SFA. in the same condition that it was sent to you.. Original packaging , tags attached etc.

    If you purchased this bag on your SAKS credit would call the store & check on the status.. 6- 8 weeks seems a little long to wait
    for a credit be a store credit SFA or another credit card & if that credit isn't issued, you may
    get a finance charge which of course you can dispute because that bag should have
    been credited by now (return July 6 & today is July 9th) SFA should not be that far behind
    in issuing a credit..

    If you did lets say use Amex, I'd just let them know the bag has been returned & a credit is in the process of being issued
    & you don't want to be penalized for interest because SFA did not credit you in a timely manner.

    If you returned that bag in person the credit would have been issued on the spot.
    The fact that you sent it UPS & it has been received, the store is taking advantage of
    you by delaying the credit... it's nonsense, IMO
  4. Thanks so much for your response. To answer your question; Yes, I have a phone app for my visa charge card. That's what prompted me to call Saks. I saw that the package arrived, but my account wasn't credited (it wasn't charged on a Saks charge card).

    You're right. Another thing that wouldn't make sense would be for me to contact Chanel before I actually talked to the boutique manager. Also, I didn't know about a 'charge back' so if I'm not happy with my outcome from Saks, I'll contact my CC. Thanks for that info.

    It does irk me that a beautiful handbag will be in some warehouse instead of being sold to someone else that can appreciate it.

    Thanks for your lending ear & suggestions. Sometimes when we're so 'in the problem' we don't see some of the obvious solutions.
    I appreciate your time.
  5. Thanks hotshot, I did return the bag exactly as I received it. I didn't even keep the Chanel ribbon that was tied around the box .

    I didn't use a Saks charge card, I used a visa. I'll call Saks & speak to the boutique Manager & see if she can expedite my credit. You're right, it is plain nonsense that it would take that long for a return to be processed. Also, with all the fake handbags in the market, it makes me wonder who will authorize the bags authenticity.....will it be a warehouse person or hopefully a Chanel SA (I'm sure the Chanel SA will but I'm just not that crazy about it going through a warehouse, then the boutique). I figure the less people touching it, the better.
    Thanks for listening to my rants & raves. I appreciate your time & ideas. I'll use them.
  6. You purchased the bag from SFA & returned it exactly as it was received. I'd be on the phone to make sure that bag is credited to
    your Visa in an expeditious manner.

    Who inspects that bag is really no concern of yours, IMO.. The bag has been returned according to the stores instructions & a credit
    should be issued promptly.

    If you are given the runaround, I'd get the name of the person you spoke with
    & contact Visa with all your info & let Visa know if the credit is not issued within a
    time frame (like 3 days)you will have to contest the charge.. but let's hope it doesn't
    escalate that far)
    Good luck.. surprised but not surprised with SFA
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  7. Wow! You're a great motivator. I feel like I should be at attention saying "Sir, yes Sir". You are correct, when I call them, I'll be using your script. No need for a yoga brain now , I'll get my back straight & my voice heard.

    Thanks so much! I'll turn into a hotshot too
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    You returned the bag & there is a reasonable amount of time to wait for a refund, but after all this is SFA you are dealing with!!!

    There are times when you have to be assertive with these stores...this is one of those times & I'm sure with your phone call that
    credit will be processed. & your voice will be heard, which you deserve!!

    Keep us posted & you are most welcome!!