SAKS receipts??

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  1. So yesterday I had to get my damier french purse from Saks instead of the boutique on Rodeo cuz they only had a display and I just noticed that the receipt from Saks just says


    on it while if I had purchased it from the reg boutique it would say


    is this okay for it to just say Vuitton Luggage and not specify what it is?? I mean it does have a number on it N61664 (which is the item # for LV)
  2. Hmmm... when I got my Panda Cles from the LV Saks in Tampa, they gave me a Saks receipt. It reads: "Vuitton Accesso" and underneath that it reads "M62637 Porte Cles Panda VVN".

    I think the only time anything is rung up under luggage, it's either a luggage piece or a handbag. :s
  3. also are they supposed to have your name on them like they do at the reg boutique cuz the saks one doesn't have it on there, here is my receipt (the SA knew I had just come from the Rodeo store as they called to make sure they had a wallet before I went over there):
  4. No tis fine when I bought my agenda it just said Designer Handbag on my macys recipt
  5. It's normal for LV Saks receipts to have your name on them. ;)
  6. but mine doesn't, so does that mean it's not in my lv purchase history??
  7. Yeah it's usually rung up as "luggage", not specifying the piece.
  8. I'm sure it still is.
  9. ok I was freaking out so I just called them. They said it is rung up as luggage and it was added to my LV purchase history! :sweatdrop:
  10. all of my lv purchased from saks was rung up as 'vuitton luggage'. I've bought books, wallets, and handbags.
  11. a saks LV is obligated to use the Saks cashier/register and reciepts. they dont get to use their own machines/reciepts. same applies to any macy's (NYC) or bloomingdales/neiman marcuses.
  12. I got my cles on Monday from a Saks and it also says "Vuitton Luggage", but on the Saks reciept it says "clefs"

  13. Quote:
    Originally Posted by spacytracy [​IMG]
    but mine doesn't, so does that mean it's not in my lv purchase history??

    Does that mean that returns are also in the history???
  14. This is all good info to know. I hate those Saks receipts. They're just so plain:s .
  15. Yup..that's how they keep track of habitual returners. :yes: