Saks purchase?

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  1. I purchased a bag from Saks (shipped to me) and my prada did not come with a box (just the dust bag and cards). Does Saks not provide you with a prada box when you purchase it?
  2. I have had this happen, not from Saks, but from NM. I only received the bag in a cover. No cards either. Ended up returning it - not because of the no box/ cards but I really wasn't in love with the purse. Is is possibly an older bag? I think they misplace the boxes, etc. at times.
  3. Thanks for your input, bagaday. The bag was from last season. It was on sale, though. I didn't know if this was always the case when you don't buy from the boutique.
  4. I have bought LOTS of Prada's from NM and several from Saks. NONE ever came with a Prada black box. Sometimes they come with grey boxes that appear to be the box they are shipped in from Prada. They have a drawing of the bag with the style no. on the side. The only time I have ever received the nice black Prada storage box is when I purchase a bag from a Prada store.
  5. Thanks, sckcs. Nice to know. It was my first purchase from Saks.
  6. Same here...NEVER receive the nice black box from department stores.....ONLY Prada Boutiques itself:smile:
  7. Ummmmm......I didn't even know Prada bag's came in BLACK boxes as I've only received the grey ones (from NM & Sak's). Perhaps the bag's are only packaged in black boxes when they come via the boutiques??
  8. The black boxes from Prada boutiques are very nice gift/storage boxes similar to the LV boxes. The bags I've purchased from Joanna at the Hawaii store have always been in the black boxes. They're good sized and I'm sure part of the shipping expense from Hawaii but very nice.
  9. ^ Me too!
  10. my prada bag purchased from Bluefly came in only the dust bag + zip lock! (yes.. those plastic zip lock ) and they shuff it in a small Bluefly paper bag.....

    bought it on sale.....