Saks private sale, next Wendesday

  1. My SA called and told me that Saks will be doing their one-day private sale next Wendesday. Most things will be 30% off with a few exclusions (Chanel bags for example). Pre-sale has already started.

    They are also having triple-points on that day too!
  2. hm... my sa did not call me. anyways, do you know if they can transfer things from other stores? my Saks has very bad selection.
  3. Yes of course. My saks always did that, our selection isn't great either. Where's yours?
  4. Can anyone go to this sale and get the 30% off, or just certain customers?
  5. Theoretically the private sale is just for invited customers (hence private), however no SA would say no to more sale/commission, so if you go in and ask nicely I am sure there's no problem.
  6. Just wish we had a saks :sad:
  7. oh do you know if gucci totes will be included in the sale? thanks
  8. What's the sale called so I can ask? Thanks
  9. Unfortunately, my SA is out of town and I dont remember when he is going to be back (either this week or next heehee)

    Will denim/some previously excluded brands such as Dolce be included in the sale? TIA!

    I'm looking for new R&R jeans right now and it would be an added benefit if I could get them 30 percent off!
  10. Cool thanks for posting!!
  11. I talked to an SA when I was there last week - no Gucci or Dior :sad:
  12. Ok I was just there today. The key word is "selected items". Even the brands that are on sale, only certain pieces are on sale and there are no general rules. If you have your eye on something, it's best to call and ask.

    My impression is that apparel brands on sale are a bit all over the places, Armani for example is included but gucci and prada are not. Shoes and bags on the other side, only lesser brands such as Ferragamo and Tod's are inlcuded.

    The sale is actually 40% (30% on shoes).
  13. Oh dear, I may have stop in tomorrow and see what's available.. anyone know if MJ is included?
  14. I also wonder whats available for men...want to get something for SO :smile:
  15. miumiu bags maybe?? :smile: