Saks Price Matching Policy

  1. I don't know if other people are aware, but I just found out today that will price match another retailer even though this doesn't seem to be advertised anywhere on the website. The official policy is that the competing retailer must have the exact same item in stock (same color, same size, etc.), but I was able to get a price match for a different size. also has price matching, and this is explicitly stated on its website.

    Hope this info helps someone else!
  2. Thank you, Jes! I was not aware of Saks doing price matching. I did know about Nordstrom's policy.
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  4. Thank you for the information.

    How does it work? Who do you contact?
  5. I just called their customer service number and explained that I bought a jacket from Saks that is now cheaper at NeimanMarcus. I talked the lady through how to find the item on NM's website, and once she found it, she compared it with my Saks order and said she'd refund my mastercard!
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  7. Thanks so much for posting this -- it prompted me to call Nordstrom and see if they'd price-match a dress from Saks' web site, and they did, even though it was out of stock at Saks online. Yay, savings!
  8. Thanks, I didn't know about either one's policy.
  9. Yay! Good news....although Saks price adjustments with their own merchandise isn't so good. I bought a Vince sweater on sale at the SF sotre. Three days later, the same sweater severely marked down on the website. But Saks won't do additional price adjustments on sale merchandise, only if I had bought it full price, would they give me the lower Seriously, three days though! Boo.
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  11. Too bad the price match is not applicable at the store itself. Tried it and it didn't work.
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