Saks Presale

  1. Does anybody know exactly which bags are included in the Saks presale? I just called the NYC store and she just said an Amalfi tote, Python, and Denim. I couldn't really understand her though.
  2. - Wave in blue Guccissima
    - Britt in red suede
    - Entire Amalfi collection
    - Abbey in denim and pink suede
    - Chain hobo in tan leather, both the medium and large size :yahoo:

    30% off on GG fabric and 40% off on leather.
  3. Do you know which Prada bags are included and how much off they will be.
  4. Are you for real about the chain hobo's? :wtf: :drool:
    Can someone post a picture of the Amalfi collection? TIA
  5. please check the deals and steals section there is a private link to NMs designer sale which includes gucci
  6. Stop this talk right now......I can't take it. Darn this purse ban!!! :cursing: :cursing:

  7. [​IMG]
    Amalfi Medium Hobo
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