Saks Presale For Gucci, Prada, Jimmy Choo Must Read!!!

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  1. Hey girls! Just went to Saks with my mom today! We had a field day at Saks. Right as we were both browsing handbags at Gucci, they started putting out PRESALE bags! Lots of current season Guccis were on sale. My mom picked up a gucci hobo with bamboo for 40 percent off while I picked this Prada up:


    its not exactly the same (the top has a flap) and it is SO TDF and exquisite in real life!

    Selected Guccis are 40 off!

    Selected Pradas are 30 off!

    Selected Jimmy Choos and Chloes 30 off!

    :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:

    NO Chanel :hysteric:
  2. btw for Saks cardholders the pickup date is Nov 29 and you will get double points!
  3. Gucci:

    Britt in white with Tassle, Britt in black with Tassle, Britt in python (retail 3290?)

    Bouvier suede with mirror web detail in Gold and Purple

    Denim GG tote and abbey

    Fur with leather trim

    Chloe i'm not sure

    Jimmy Choo basically everything in the fall collection

    Prada lots of nylons and some drawstring leathers and other various bags.
  4. which drawstring leathers and "other various bags" of Prada are on sale? is it the chevron? i just bought this bag but wondering if you bought on sale.
  5. oh la la Bouvier suede with mirror web detail in Gold and Purple...
    do you need to be a saks card member to presale?

    and do they charge your card now and put the item on hold...OR just set it aside and ring you up later?
  6. I've been eyeing one of those Gucci bags for a while... I think I might take the jump!
  7. Does anyone know which Gucci shoes are on sale?
  8. WAAAAAAAAAAAH......:hysteric: .......darn this purse ban!!!!!
  9. Is that at all Saks??
  10. Were the Gucci belt bags on sale?
  11. Do you need to be a Saks card holder to do presale?
  12. I went to the Saks in Beverly Hills.
  13. No they weren't.
  14. Most likely. However, some of my friends use their own CCs at pre-sale events.
  15. went to saks SF gucci counter, NO presale going on as of yet.