SAKS Portland, OR

  1. Hi there..I am moving to the Portland area in a few months. Next week we are taking a trip to sign papers for our townhome and I wanted to stop by Saks. Does every Saks always sell Chanel? I don't wanna call and sound dumb asking "Do you guys sell Chanel handbags?" lol If anyone has been to the one in downtown Portland please let me know!
  2. Yes, the Saks in Portland does carry Chanel handbags (and NO SALES TAX!!!!:yes:)
  3. SCORE! lol Thank you!
  4. I almost forgot about no sales tax....this is going to rule!
  5. wow. i need to visit.
  6. no sales tax if you call to order too?
  7. ^ yes.
  8. awesome. anyone has a fav. SA there? :smile:
  9. I dont have a specific one because they all roam over the sales floor, I havent had a problem with anyone there =)
  10. Thanks cisforcoco! (:

    Someone else suggested Sam or Patrick but they are both out today. I guess I will call back. hehee.
  11. thur is EGC day! so take advatange of the no tax and free gift cards people!
  12. hahahaa, i couldn't wait. so i called back. nathalia helped me. she is awesome. i am really weird about getting a brand new bag (no displays for me!) and she went and looked for one and is holding it for me till thursday's egc even! whoohooo! and i get a 300 giftcard!
  13. Portland, OR has no sales tax on anything? Is that true?
  14. so how does that work if you buy something over the phone, will they mail you the ECG card?
  15. yeah, they mail the GC with the box (saks NYC mails it seperately)