Saks points included LV???

  1. I was at Saks last Sat. for triple points. I bought an LV purse and wallet for my aunt. I was gonna put it on my Saks card, so I can get points. But the SA told me that LV is not part of Saks, they are not included on the point reward.
    Is this true? If not, I'm really mad! because I could have gotten 90,000 points!!!! instead of paying cash!
  2. LV is not included in the saks points :sad:. You can use the free saks GC on LV though. Chanel, on the other hand, IS included in saks pts :smile:.
  3. sooo, if i buy an LV during the egc event, i won't get any gift cards??
  4. Nope. Sorry
  5. shoot.