saks--plz help me locate...

  1. a dark green (jade) paddington! I saw one at Nordstroms, but there was a defect with it...It was not the " regular paddington" (sorry dont know official names) was more boxy and had two small handles and then a longer strap to wear like cross body or shoulder....had silver hardwaree...and was marked to like $909.xx or something like that.....can someone help me find this bag at Saks?? thanks in advance
  2. There is a jade green paddy with strap that you can take off if you want (smaller than the classic size but bigger than the mini) at Nordstrom's in Paramus, NJ. It is 40% off. If you call them, they could ship it right to you.
  3. ^ yeah my Nordstroms has them too. But I was hoping to find it at saks somewhere so that I can either have Nordstroms price match saks or take advtage of the second cut saks is doing on the 20th!!