Saks Pittsburgh - sale recap

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  1. Hi all,

    Went to Saks in Pittsburgh today and they had a few tables of sale bags. Several Chloe, including Tracy styles in various sizes and configurations, most in Argent (light metallic silvery color, so pretty), one Ava (the lighter brown bigger satchel), an Edith two-pocket bag in Muscade, a bigger Edith hobo in white and a couple of others. They also had a good selection of Ferragamo (some reaaaallly tempting ones!), some Coach, a few D&G bags and some others like Furla and the like.

    I got the Edith hobo in Muscade, which was the last one they had, but they checked the computer and said that the NYC Saks had some left. Apparently the NYC Saks isn't totally picked over!
  2. What kind of discounts were there?
  3. 30% on most of it, 40% on some of the wallets and some of the Ferragamos. Pretty good deals.