Saks Outlet.

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  1. Does anyone know if Saks outlets carry Chanel handbags? Specifically anything off the Cambon line? :heart:3 They just recently opened one up at my outlets and I've never gone in there.
  2. I've never seen any Chanel bags at my Saks outlet. They did have some great Prada and Kate Spade bags on sale this weekend, though.
  3. I highly doubt Chanel handbags would end up in a department store outlet, especially ones from a popular line like Cambon. Shoes and sunglasses maybe, but not handbags.
  4. If they do, it's not cambon. It's going to be something they can't get rid of. Someone on here said that MJ made stuff specifically for off 5th. However, I think they get a lot of the quantities that can't sell period.
  5. I haven't seen any in Saks, but there is a Chanel outlet in Woodbury Commons, NY but I haven't seen any really nice bags there, only tiny bright colored clutches, things like that that most people wouldn't spend a fortune on.
  6. Thanks so much for posting ladies! Well, I have been looking for some Chanel shades. . .if I cant have a cambon maybe I'll get lucky with some shades ;] Hm. If they carry Prada maybe I'll find something. .
  7. I've never seen anything Chanel at my Off Fifth . . . lots of MJ, Fendi, Kate Spade though.
  8. I called off fifth in milpitas before they said they had one chanel handbag, but the SA couldn't even tell me what is the name of it. Her description was that the bag has a very odd shape and looks like a book :roflmfao: However you can still find a few cambon bags around at NM on sale, and with their disconut they could be cheaper than what you can get at the outlet :biggrin: Couple of NM I called a day or two ago still have the small bucket and pochette, if you really want one you can try your luck. Or you can call Egen at NM SF, she was really helpful and nice, she will try her best to locate a bag for you if you know which style you want :graucho: