Saks Outlet 20% all denim

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  1. I was at Saks & the SA informed me that they are having 20% off all denim till this Saturday. That's a great deal for you jeans fanatic out there!! Have fun shopping :yahoo:!!
  2. Did they have good collections? I'm looking for R&R jeans..
  3. I was there the other day & saw some joes, TR, R&R etc. I have never been a fan of TR because I didn't like the light wash & the cut didn't fit me well. But I ended up buying my 1st pair because they had some darker wash without the weird flared bottoms.
  4. ^ which Saks did you go to? I know what you mean about TR jeans... joey style didn't fit me well, I like bobby style instead, it fit perfectly ..
  5. Is it good online too?
  6. I saw that yesterday too. They had a good selection of jeans when I went. I'm thinking about getting some true religion jeans but can't decide which ones yet.
  7. No, it's for the outlet only.
  8. They have a lot of selections of 7 jeans but limited R&R.