Saks out of dust bag???

  1. Hi, all!
    Fedex guy just dropped off my new caviar mini boston and dust bag is missing!:censor:

    So, I called Saks at Troy, MI and Chanel expert tells me that they have been out of dust bags for a month. She called Chanel and ordered it a month ago and still has not received it.
    Of course no mention of missing dust bag when she was taking my order over the phone last week.
    I thought every Chanel bag came with a dust bag, so how is it possible to run out of dust bags but not bags???

    She also try to convince me that the dust bags are shipped from Paris and that it might take 4-5 weeks to get to her. All she can do now is to take my name and she'll call me if and when she get it...

    I am sooo frustrated with Saks! :rant:

    Has anyone else had this kind of problem with Saks? :sick:
  2. Interesting, they could have put it in a "Sak's" dust bag, or get one from another Chanel bag.

    Sorry to hear that!
  3. sorry to hear that. she could have at least notifed you ahead of time. why can't they send you one from another Saks?
  4. dustbags are made for each bag. i dont understand how they could run out of them and have a bag to sell! i hope you get your dust bag after all that money you spent!
  5. Well, SA didn't offer to fetch one from another store and don't know why.... she was too busy blaming Chanel for not sending them to her.

    I called Chanel customer service and they are going to see what they can do for me. So we'll see how Chanel will handle this situation.
    Hopefully better than Saks! :angel:
  6. I just had the same situation in Florida, no dust bags no boxes, yet the bag I got from Connecticut came in dustbag and box. Went to saks today to pick up something else and I complained to the Chanel Manager, she explained to me that they have been going crazy trying to get dustbags, but had just received them today after ordering them weeks ago, so I got my dustbags today....if anyone is interested, I think I cannot keep the black with white cc cambon camera case size handbag, it is gorgeous but I have bought too much, I will probably have to return it, anyone interested, I can have the sa refund and then charge whoever might need it on the board, I am not trying to sell it, but feel sorry for my sa and would want her to have the sale again.
  7. Sorry to hear gummybear. SAKS is getting a little crazy
  8. It sounds a bit ridiculous, to say the least. I always thought that each bag arrived at the store with its own dustbag.
  9. a caviar mini boston you say?! damnit, they're probably all out now though because of the additional markdown, wahhh!!!

    post pics, please =)

    ohh and the dustbag. You know... I thought they each come with their own little dustbag too and it's quite strange (and rude!) how Saks handled the situation. Why the heck would the dustbags have to be shipped all the way from France?! Ridiculous!!

    I hope you get your dustbag!
  10. Wow, sorry to hear that. I always thought when the chanel bags come in they are already in their dustbags and boxes! Hope you will be able to get one soon!
  11. According to Chanel customer service, each bag comes with it's own dust bag so there should never have less or more than bags.
    She laughed when I said saks was waiting a shipment of dust bags from Paris.:lol:

  12. yes please post pictures
  13. I'm sorry to hear this. My SA from NM was going to sell me my medallion tote without a dustbag too. She said that they ran out and it will take a few days.:rant: I told her I'm not buying the bag without the dustbag. Well what do you know... she goes to the back and the dustbag appears! She even went on to say that she had to take it from another bag.:shocked:

    I don't know why they do this. Every Chanel bag comes with a dustbag! Anyway, Congrats on the mini boston!
  14. I will try to post pictures tomorrow! :idea:
  15. I never had problem with the dust bag but one time the NM SA could not find the box for my bag, so she just take another Chanel box which is supposed to be for the same style but different color. I told her the box is not for the bag I am buying because the color on the label is black and my bag is navy blue - and therefore the style number in the bag doesn't match the style number on the bar code sticker on the box. She said, well that's the only box I have.....