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  1. Does anyone know if Saks online will be giving an additional 50% off sale items on Dec 26?
  2. I believe the actual sale starts on line on Dec 25th.
  3. It's not an additional 50% off. The items will be marked 50% off from regular price.
  4. The card that I received in mail said. "Additional" 50% ...40%...
  5. The website already changed, additional 50% off all already reduced items, Christmas day and the 26th.
  6. I was ordering the Botkier Trigger Turbo for $213, but by the time I was done entering my cc info, it was sold out. :crybaby:
  7. i had the BE&D bags and they changed it from on sale to regular price. I'm so pissed.
  8. A lot of their stuff is now sold-out unfortunately? Do u think they will restock/relist certain items throughout the two days?
  9. I would probably just call the store and have them do a search if there is an item you really want. Their inventory online is not reliable at all.
  10. Now they're back to only doing 40% off! Saks' website is so screwy!
  11. Where does it say that? I still see 50% off already reduced price. Almost got the black Mulberry Elgin for $347.95 but my better sense took over.
  12. Oh my gosh! The sales on handbags are AMAZING! But everything is sold out!!! :crybaby:
  13. I will call it in the morning for sure...don't give it up.
  14. Will they answer on Christmas? Or do I have to wait until Tuesday?
  15. The web site was working fine for me -- while I didn't find any cool luggage or bags (I was hoping for a quirk of fate that the Cruise Line Gucci Tote would be on sale -- no such luck) I ended up getting two Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs shirts, a pair of Prada loafers and a Lacoste cashmere sweater -- all for under $500 with tax and shipping.

    As for your question on whether to call tomorrow -- you can call the 800 number tomorrow I am sure for help on But if you were looking for help in the actual stores or wanted customer service to help you locate an item in the stores -- you may be out of luck. I have found that even when the 800 number says that an item is in stock in Store X -- their inventory isn't always right.

    In any case -- there is a huge box under our tiny Christmas tree and I am dying to open it!!!

    Happy holidays!