Sak's Online Sales - Is it Just Me?

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  1. I swear, I am done trying to get anything on sale at! Every single time I try to score a pair of shoes on that site, most recently a GORGEOUS pair of CL's, the item is out of stock! This has happened with so many different pairs of shoes, I can't even count! The part that I do not understand is that these items are displayed on the website for weeks after being sold out. Even a call to Sak's CS number yields no results.

    Honestly, Sak's... If the item is out of stock - REMOVE IT FROM YOUR WEBSITE!!
  2. Agreed!!! If it's unavailable, remove it, stop teasing us!!
  3. haha I saw those same ones. Yeah, Saks is terrible.

    "ooh ooh!!"
    (out of stock) "Awwww"
  4. You all are funny but it's so true. I also don't like that they will not honor what's in your cart while you're still on-line shopping!!! I had a super cute pair of boots that were sold while in my cart and they apparently were the last pair in my size!!! OOOPS-that was Bergdorf's - sorry Saks.
  5. I agree - the OOS are on their website for days and sometimes weeks. It's quite annoying.
  6. Ughhh.... I hate this about their website too. Really a turnoff and makes me not wanna shop there.
  7. It happened on me several times this week when I online shop Neiman Marcus:sad::sad:
  8. Idk, maybe if the live chat reps weren't so rude at Saks, it wouldn't be that big of a deal. Or the fact that their CSN is forever busy, so you can't even call to see if you can score the OOS item. Lame, Saks, lame!
  9. Me too ...
  10. Same here....