Saks Online Sale Started Early!

  1. It is online right now! I had an MJ bag in my cart and it sold out before I could hit checkout! :cursing:
  2. they r currently experiencing technical difficulties....damn!
  3. that site is so dead right now..:death:
  4. i had the fendi bag and i was trying to checkout but it got sold out. i called customer service-no help whatsoever! I am really pissed. I've been wanting this bag for so long. At nieman's- it's on sale for $1,000.
  5. this will be our xmas nightmare! :hysteric:
  6. I get the technical difficulties too, I guess Saks can't handle all of us crazy shoppers! We broke 'em! LOL
  7. i spoke to a customer service rep... 30 minutes!
  8. you think they will have these bags on sale at the same price in stores? highly doubt it.
  9. just got into buying a bag and site went down!!!!!!!!!!

  10. On your marks, GET SET, GOOOOOOOOOOOO :yahoo::nuts:
  11. Store prices will be the same as online prices from 8am-12noon on 12/26 if you brave the crazy crowds. BUT the problem is (as I've found) the stuff I want is often already sold-out beforehand at the store. So if you luck out and see it still available at your local Saks come Wed. morning, then price-wise it should still be the same as the online prices right now.
  12. anyone has a 10% off coupon not to be used? please PM me. Many thanks!
  13. anyone has the free shipping code? Thanks!
  14. Do u know if this includes shoes too?
  15. try holiday7 for freeshipping.