Saks online- all orders canceled?

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  1. I placed four separate orders since Christmas - all four were abruptly canceled. Anyone have this experience? Such an unreliable site. I’m going to delete my app and plan on not shopping online there again.
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  2. I had this with a purse I bought on Christmas. I think that they have a limited stock (especially if it is shipping from a store) and someone purchases it in person before they can pull it for the online order. I was HOT about that bag too. I've had really good experiences too..I'm expecting some stuff today, as a matter of fact!
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    Good Afternoon dearest katran26, I am sorry hun, I too had a few orders that were only partially filled via but my main gripe is with they have black listed me and claim that they have done a through review of my order history so I am no longer allowed to "enjoy the privileges of shopping online but need to do it from a store location instead" They have cancelled all of my cheaper items orders (last 5 orders) but allowed my expensive item orders to go through.

    I live in America and the last time I checked I am pretty sure I have the right to shop any darn where I want to so if a company claims to blacklisted me for some reason that they are unwilling to share then I am not obligated to spend another penny with them. Sorry for sounding like a lunatic sweetie but I have never had a company say to me oh you cannot enjoy the privileges of shopping with us. LOL I am a black card holder whose shopped with these people over 9 years and to be told this is a slap in the face. In any case I hope you find my rant a bit helpful, Happy New Year to you and your family hun. Take care. :heart::flowers:
  4. cancelled several parts of my holiday purchases. Prior to the holiday season several of my other orders were cancelled usually with a major time delay before notifying me. In two cases I wasn't even notified of the cancellations. It's time for to get its act together. There is far too much competition for me to continue to remain loyal.
  5. Oh I’m so sorry to hear that!! But you’re so right- it’s our choice where to shop and if they can’t treat us well, it’s definitely their loss!
  6. Totally agree- I can understand if one or two items were backordered or canceled but all four? I’ve lost complete faith in them.
  7. Yeah ☹️ two bags were ones I desperately wanted and I hate paying full price so this was my only shot.
  8. Yeah, certain sites can be unreliable during sale time....especially if they source through store locations. Often times I prefer to do a store locator and either pick it up in person or do a phone order.
  9. Hmmm...Saks is owned by Hudson's Bay aka The Bay, and they share the same god awful e-commerce platform. I've had orders cancelled by The Bay before due to insufficient stock, this might be the same thing? Lack of inventory?
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  10. Oh wow lakeshow, I just realized that they also own Lord & Taylor as well who I rarely shop from often but they are not the best either. Thanks for the tip regarding The Bay.
  11. Saks closed their only two (to my knowledge) locations in my home state, and in speaking with some L&T sales associates recently, it appears L&T corporate is pushing online vs in-store purchasing... things that make you go hmmmm??
  12. Exactly! It’s one thing to push online shopping IF the site is robust and can fulfill orders, but they’ve been a disaster so this doesn’t seem like an optimal idea...
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  13. Saks is an absolute disaster when ordering online. They've canceled so many of my orders online, even when I've had my SA order me something to a store via online it's been cancelled. A few years ago they've cancelled my order for my wedding shoes.
  14. this happen to me twice
  15. I bought a very expensive bag online from them and they cancelled it and I had all kinds of issues so I bought it elsewhere. I know they only got one of them and they still have it. :smile: