saks online add 33% off shoes & bags

  1. forgot to add, that you need to click on an item to see updated price.
  2. I was just about to post! I got this Botkier medium Bianca...hope I like it as I had to pay shipping!
  3. Sorry, if am being daft, but i dont get it. what shoes and bags specifically? the ones i am looking at seem to be the same price as always. i.e. a pair of Miu Miu ...
  4. sorry, read the second email and clicking on the item works, but missed out. bummer!
  5. Click on the shoe you want and you should see the new sale price if it is reduced...not everything is reduced though.
  6. ugh......u enablers are gonna get me in trouble.....ROFLMAO!!
  7. ugh, link is not working... maybe that's a good thing for my wallet.
  8. I got the Bianca too! It's my birthday, so a present to myself!!! Don't tell my hubby!!!!!!!:yes:
  9. i presaled some Louboutins today. my bad.
  10. Happy birthday! I did a board search of the Botkier bags and most people seemed to say they are great. What color did you order?
  11. I LOVE botkier! I bouht the gunmetal, they are so sturdy and beautiful! What a great price!!!!! I just did a search od Botkier on the top of Saks page, click on the bag you like to see if it's on sale! The bianca is awesome!!!
  12. these diors are KILLINGGG me... i want them so bad... but i know i shouldn't :sad:
  13. go quick!!! the list is dwindling down like crazy since last night. I was eyeing a couple of things and they are both sold out online already!!!