Saks One Day Sale

  1. I just stopped by Saks in NY and I feel like half of the shoe department was on sale already. There are lots of great shoes on sale for 30% off, some brands that I remember:
    Gucci - tons of shoes and boots
    Miu Miu
    Dolce & Gabanna

    Go check it out!

    Unfortunately no Jimmy Choo, Chanel or Christian Louboutin was marked down (only 3 styles of CL shoes were marked down, Activa and open toe flats).
  2. Hm, do you remember if Burberry was on sale? I just bought some patent flats during the F&F, and I'll be bummed if I could have gotten 30% off!
  3. Yes Burberry was on sale. Don't recall seeing flats specifically. The only Burberry that I looked at was the studded sandal and that was NOT marked down.
  4. Kamilla, have you tried the Activas on at all? They look sort of cute, but "sort of" usually doesn't prompt me to get spendy shoes :p
  5. The activas will go for wayyyyy cheaper so don't buy em now!!! I got mines for $130-160
  6. A lot of Fendi boots and shoes are also on sale, I got a great pair of flats, also saw the CL Activas in Black with Cork, only sort of cute I went for the Fendi instead.
  7. !!!!! I got mine full price! :sad: I would LOVE another pair though! Where did u get yours soo cheap?

    I love mine! They are my second most used Louboutins.
  8. The activas are from 2 seasons ago, I am suprised that it took Saks so long to mark them down. I saw them at the last Bergdorf sale for about $200. So I don't think that it is worth it to get them now, I am sure they will be marked down again at Saks if you give it a few weeks.

    I ended up going back last night and getting a pair of suede Roger Vivier heels in camel with the curved heel. They ended up costing $300 and they are super comfy, I am wearing them today.
  9. Kamilla, Congrats on your RV heels - you must post pics!

    hsl521 and Stinas, I may end up with a pair of Activas if the price ever goes down. I'm surprised that they're still priced so high too. Stinas, I love yours, they look great on you!
  10. At Saks in SF yesterday, there certainly were no JC on sale, but they did have a lot of Manolo Blahnik. The CLs I saw marked down were the black patent and cork Activas, a lower heeled leopard print Pigalle and the Cosette--a leather T strap sandal.

    I wish I could find all the good deals you do!

    They sound lovely! I hope I can still find good deals when I arrive in NYC tomorrow.
  11. Barneys!!The black ones were $160 and the orange ones were $130. I think the camel and teal ones were cheaper.