Saks officially marked down their pink caviar merchandise

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  1. call Joseph, he has the medallion tote and the mini flap in pink.
  2. Great news for the "pink ladies". Thanks for posting!
  3. pink jumbos too? Which Saks is joseph at? You didnt mention it above

  4. Wow, wonder how a mini flap looks like. And of course, Which Saks can we find Joseph?? Tia
  5. sorry, Saks nyc
  6. Any pic? Do you know how much is it?
  7. about 30%
  8. I just called, he said nothing in pink ? Only a couple black bags. One small one Large?? This is too weird.
  9. probably sold out. i don't think he had that many to begin with, probably 2-3
  10. are you sure you called joseph @ saks nyc chanel handbag??? i just spoke to him, he said that no one has called him yet...
  11. i just talked to him, there're still 2 mini flap, 5 medallion tote, and the zipped pouchette pink left. quick!~~

    today is the first day they marked them down, they won't be there for long.
  12. What is the original price on the mini flap .... anyone have pictures.
  13. Are any wallets on sale?
  14. $1395, there're pictures in the reference library, i believe luccibag has two, not pink though.
  15. Thanks takeoutbox! I'm on my way to the reference library right now. My computer is sooooo slow!