Saks Off Fifth -- Joe's Jeans

  1. Hi everyone!

    Went to Off Fifth (in Cinci) today and they had a bunch of Joe's marked down to $45 and $50, plus I used an extra 20% off purchase! All different styles. Great deals I thought!
  2. really?? where did you get the 20% coupons from? not that I need anymore jeans!! haha, but were there any other good deals? it might be worth it to take a drive down there!:yes:
  3. Great deal!


    Print screen will pop up. If you cancel it, you can see the coupon. Or you can just print it. :graucho:
  5. i used to love joe's jeans but sad to say they are going down the toilet! i got a pair at Atrium for $60 with some amount of additional percentage off sale price andi thought it was a great deal
    but then i went to c21 and found that they were being sold for $60 without any add'l sales on it. what a jip lol
  6. Bag-wise, they had a lot of Cole Haan, IF, BCBG, Prada, Fracesco Biasia, Donald Pliner, a few D&G, Linea Pelle, and Marc Jacobs. The other denim were mostly normal marked-down prices. Also, a ton of sunglasses.
  7. awesome thanks so much!
  8. Thanks for the coupon! I'm going to off 5th today! Yay! And, great deal on the jeans!