Saks Off Fifth: Extra 30% Off Entire Purchase Preferred Customer Coupon

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  1. thanks :smile:
  2. Thanks so much!
  3. great, thanks!
  4. Your Welcome ladies! I hope you all find some fabulous deals! :yes:
  5. FYI: the coupon is for additional 10% off the already in-store 20% promotion - so not exactly additional 30% off! =)
  6. I like to print out an extra one to bring along. Then I hand it to some random person in the store and they're thrilled.
  7. You're so nice! I always get so frustrated when I purchase something at the outlets and see someone ahead of me with a coupon.

  8. I always do the same thing-print out several and pass them it forward!:tup:
  9. #10 Jan 21, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2009
    What a nice idea! I think I will do just that, bring a few extra.