Saks Off 5th?

  1. Hi everyone! I know that Saks off 5th is the outlet store for Saks 5th Avenue, but I was wondering about the quality of items that they have in there.

    I once heard that Nordstrom Rack receives items that were returned or imperfect from Nordstroms, and so I was wondering if Off 5th does the same for Saks?

    What about Last Call for Neiman Marcus?

    Thanks so much!
  2. usually just unsold sale merchandise from the regular stores:yes:
  3. ohh thank you! whoever moved this thread, thank you so much -- i apologize for posting in the wrong area, but thank you for taking the time to move it!
  4. I love Off 5th! You can find great designer jeans there for less!
  5. I love Off Saks too - you can get great deals on jeans and bags! The merchandise is usually in great shape but sometimes you just need to be cautious, like with any store, i.e. there was a Kooba bag that was discolored from the lightening in the store.
  6. I have gotten many shoes and handbags from there-all authentic and at great prices!:p
  7. They get unsold merchandise, as well as returned /damaged items. The one near me once had a suede Gucci bag that had obviously been used and was in horrible condition. I asked about it and was told that that's how they received it, so it goes on the selling floor as is, no matter if it's in good or bad condition.
  8. oh thanks so much -- i'm just a little scared, because i bought an item off of ebay that was originally purchased at off 5th -- the item looked fine in the pictures and everything, but i'm still a little cautious :smile:

    thanks so much for all of your help!
  9. I usually get lucky w/ jeans & shoes at off 5th. If you sign up for their emails/mail they will send you discount coupons.
  10. I LOVE off 5th! It's so great! I just got a bunch of stuff's nice you don't have to worry about authenticity (although ppl posted that they saw fakes at NM's Last call which is scary) and they usually have a great selection of things that are still in style!