Saks Off 5th MYSTERY MONEY gift card

  1. Did anyone else use their MYSTERY MONEY gift card yet?
    mine was worth $75!:yahoo: love it!

    just curious if any PFer got the $1000 gift card.
  2. DO you have to go instore to get it??

    I was just there last week and got a super sweet deal on a tahari suit when they had their buy one, get one 1/2 off sale.
  3. I have to use mine soon! I don't have anyting ot buy though :sad:
  4. ^they sent the cards out in the mail last week. you have to bring it in and get it scanned for the amount. it can be worth $15-$1000.
  5. you should use it soon! it's basically free money!:tup:
  6. $75? That is very nice!
  7. yep! i got a james pearse and joie top for free.:p my sis-in-law got $75 too.
  8. whattttt? id idnt get anything in the mail about this!
  9. Aw that sounds fun. Too bad all I have is an Off Fifth here in Hawaii, and that place sucks. :sad:
  10. $75 was just great ! ! ! I got only $20 and there was a lady behind me got $25...
  11. Where do you sign up to get it or do you have to have a Saks credit card?
  12. ^^ I was thinking the same thing. You probably have to have a Saks credit card. I would love to have the 1000 dollar gift card though.
  13. i got a $75 one last year! I still haven't received mine yet. I'm sure you have to have a Saks credit card to be issued a mystery card.
  14. gasp. i sure do have a saks card but no mystery card in the mail yet.

    gasp. i want it!!!!!!
  15. o man i have one in my purse but i wasn't going to shop anyomre, this has changed my mind! lol