Saks Off 5th has Kooba, buy one get one 50% off

  1. Okay, I was at the Saks Off 5th last night and here is what they had:
    5 creme Siennas for around $350, 6 Lenas(two of each-bark, honey and black) for $379. The bark is actually kind of nice after seeing it in person. Oh yeah, and it's buy one get one 50% off.

  2. ooooo nice!
  3. Heidi ... Neiman Marcus Last Call and Saks Off Fifth do still have some raisin Siennas but you'll have to call around.
  4. I called my local Saks off fifth and they said they don't carry Kooba?? Any other locations you know might carry the raisin Sienna?
  5. Go here:

    and you can find all the stores. I think they ship for a reasonable price.
  6. I know they can search the Saks stores. I wonder if they can do the same for Off-Fifth.
  7. Wow! What a deal! I bought two Kooba's at Off Fifth last week in Ft. Lauderdale but it wasn't for the same deal. DAMN! Wish I had gotten 50% off the second one!!!

  8. Wow getting one 50% after being reduced is pretty good. Too bad I'm trying to limit my purse buying or else I'll be on the phone calling all the stores. Thanks for the info though.
  9. You need to find a partner who wants one and split the cost. They have a creme Sienna that I am dying to get... But it's just greed....
  10. Does anyone know how long this deal is going for? I can't get to my Off 5th until Monday... hopefully it's open then!
  11. The sale is still on Monday, KoobaLover, so there's still time. Hopefully they will have some good ones left. :tup:
  12. ^Oh, Hooray! Thanks Larke! ;)