Saks Off 5th has Bal and BV bags

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  1. There's a huge Off 5th that opened maybe a year ago in San Diego County. I was surprised when I went in there yesterday they have BV woven bags and Bal - several of each. I think all the BV were dark brown. Bal in a few different styles and colors.
  2. Interesting.

    ...Many people knew this already if you did a search in those respective forums. But thanks for the info, anyway....
  3. oh, OK
    I had never seen them there before so I thought it was something new
  4. I'm sure a lot of people don't know :smile:
    I've never seen either at my Off 5ths
  5. the Off 5th where I saw these is one of the largest stores in the country...It's right next door to a NR and the NR is much busier. I guess people's perception is that Off 5th is more pricey. But it just depends on what you're shopping for and what deal they have. Yesterday Off 5th had better prices on bags than NR.
  6. Someone on one of my FB groups posted that she recently went to an Off 5th and found some Hermes! I went over to mine (Camarillo) on Friday and like you I saw Bal and BV, as well as as couple St. Laurent bags. I think there were a couple other Premier Designers there but I can't remember which.
  7. Mine sadly never has anything good :sad:
  8. I was shocked to see my location was carrying BV and Bal bags as well.
  9. Thanks for the info.
    I will be taking a ride to both off saks on Long Island.
    Crossing my fingers.;)

  10. There is also a Saks Off Fifth that opened on East 57th St in NYC
    (between Park & Lexington)
  11. Thanks.
    Any good stuff here?
    I am still mourning loehmans.:sad:
  12. I also saw some Bal bags at Saks Off 5th plus some other high end designers (can't remember who the other designers were). This was at the Saks Off 5th in Columbus OH.

  13. Hit or miss as it is with all off these various outlets, but you never know what you will if you are in the neighborhood, stop in
  14. I was just thinking about how I miss Loehmanns this morning. Their coupons and sales were always an excuse for me to look for something. NR is just too overwhelming with all the inventory and nothing has taken the place of Loehmanns.
  15. Yeah they had a Birkin at mine along with jewelry/scarves ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462452903.548241.jpg