Saks Off 5th - 30% off plus...

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  1. Wednesday, Oct. 31st- Sunday, Nov. 4th. Take 30% off any one item. Plus save an additional 20% off of new deliveries of women's designer sportswear and 40% off all women's just reduced and clearanced items. You can combine the 20% and 40% off with your 30%!!! Awesome deals! :wlae:
  2. anyone been to the chicago off 5ths lately? do they have good stuff??
    i stopped by 2 months ago and the selections usually pretty disappointing....
  3. Is this for women's clothing only, or could it be applied to mens as well?
  4. Do we need the print out of the coupon for the add'l 30% off or is it automatic at stores? Thanks!
  5. it says you have to print out the coupon for the 30% off any one item.
  6. Where can you get that coupon? Thanks
  7. can I get a link to that please?
  8. wow thanks!
  9. just a quick question, can i use this 30% coupon for a sale item? i read the fine print but it seems ok..

  10. the 30% is off any one item so it's anything in the store.
    the 20% is off new women's designer sportswear
    the 40% is off all women's reduced and clearance items.
  11. yes, from what I can can use it on a sale item. However if it's on WOMEN'S sale item then it's an EXTRA 40% off. :yahoo:
  12. I got that email too! It's a great deal.
  13. Does anyone know about the restriction that "the entire email must be printed and presented to be valid"? Does this mean if we just print out the "coupon" they won't accept it (since it doesn't have the email attached). Sounds like a way to avoid sharing coupons...but I hope not! Confused. :confused1:
  14. anyone know if its applicable online?