Saks off 5th 30% off one item; Oct 25-29

  1. Hey girls, just got this in email today!
    Can't wait to go first thing tomorrow :yahoo:
    saks 30% off.jpg
  2. Thanks, oreocat. I'm off this Friday and was headed to Saks in search of some great sales. Now I'm excited that I have a coupon to use!!!
  3. Thanks! I was planning on going there today and this made my day!
  4. So just print out the email and show it to the register?
  5. Chanel is excluded? I just know it is but I thought I would double check! Let me know! Thanks!
  6. Thank you sooo much! :flowers:
  7. Thank you for posting I can't wait to go shopping!! :yahoo:
  8. Yeah! I believe the cashier just needs to scan the barcode in the email for the discount! I'm going now!! Wish me luck!!:nuts:
  9. Saks off 5th doesn't have the Chanel boutique inside. But sometimes you can find off season pieces (eg. sunglasses) here and there in the store (althought not quite often) Hope this helps! :smile:
  10. Thanks For Posting! Great Deal!
  11. Thanks oreocat!!!!!:flowers:
  12. Can we all use this coupon? Sometimes the whole email must be included with the coupon for these to be valid.

    Please post if anyone goes to use this printed coupon and let us know if it works.
  13. Hi,
    Is there anyway this promotion can work for online purchases?
    thanks for posting! :o)
  14. I was able to use the coupon by itself when they had this during the Columbus Day sale. I didn't even notice the fine print.
  15. I don't think anyone updated, but I was able to use the 30% printed coupon today with no problems. I cut around the coupon a bit so the URL wasn't showing at the top. :yes: