saks nyc

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  1. hi everyone, i would have had some new pics of the petite timeless classic shopper to post up yesterday, but since i earned triple points on the purchase, i had to pick the bag up today. When i got there, i was soo excited to pick up my bag which my s/a assured me would be brand new (since i mentioned it yesterday b/c i was afraid she was selling me the display on the floor).. when i got the bag however, it was even worse than the display bag. there was no gift box so obviosly i peeked in. the bag was stuffed in a dustbag and then dropped into a wrinkly overused saks shopping bag. i took one look and thought wtf in my head. I removed the dustbag and the petite shopper was completely crushed. to the point where the rectangular corners were bent downwards and the bag was demented out of shape. i quickly told the s/a that this must be a return!! It turns out that they didnt even have another shopper and i could only choose from the floor display or the demented one someone used for 9 years and returned. I was told i could just hold onto the receipt until new ones come in, but they have no clue as to how long i'll have to wait. keep in mind that i've already paid full price for the bag yesterday!!! well, long story short, i had my money refunded b/c i just didnt feel safe anymore. It seemed like my s/a was trying to pull a scam on me! I just wanted to warn you guys of this s/a.

    her name is SHARON!
  2. WOW, that sucks... So, sorry you experienced that.:tdown:

    Glad you made her take it back.:smile:
  3. Does she think you won't notice??? -- WTF
  4. That totally sorry.what a disappointmt!!!
  5. that's terrible. i'm sorry that happened to you, but i'm sure you will be able to find that bag somewher else since it's a part of the classic collection.
  6. paid full PRICE!!1

    how can an SA expecty ou to take that for FULL price..maybe if you paid 10%
  7. i dont think i will even pay $175 for that!
  8. wow, that sux. sharon took lots of care when she was my SA when I purchased a flap during an egc event. i'm surprised :sad:
  9. wow. i think i know which one sharon is and she's not very nice. i had a problem with her one. next time talk to pauline (i think). she is one of the nicest people ever.
  10. are you serious? sharon is very sweet and takes very good care of me. maybe she was too busy to inspect it before selling it to you? i'm sure she can locate one for you at another saks. i heard joseph was nice to work with too. good luck and keep us posted.
  11. who's the one with the short curly hair?
  12. that's terrible. I'm sorry to hear that:sad:
  13. the thing is, i dont think anyone really needed to thoroughly check the bag or to even take a second glance to tell that it was used. It was so obvious, and just ridiculous.
  14. Pauline is my s/a!! hehe. but my boyfriend actually bought me a flap from a random s/a (sharon) and since the flap broke i had to exchange it under sharon. of course, all the prices have increased and so i had to pay the difference too! AND i still got a 9 year old purse.
  15. all the love in the world for pauline. she is the greatest!