SAks NYC -- pitbulls at the sale this weekend

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  1. Meandering with my sister looking at the tory burch flats -when men customers with ferocious pitbulls walked by. It was quite frightening. The guy barely ahd a handle on the leash. I am not opposed to small dogs in a store but what would be the liability if one of these ferocious dogs attacked a customer or a sales clerk or a small child went up to one of them --seems like unfavorale working shopping/conditions to me. :nuts:
  2. Ha, I thought you meant the customers were the pitbulls!

    Wow, I cannot believe they allowed dogs into Saks at all!
  3. They were frightening dogs too!
  4. can't believe they allow that kind of dog in the store.
  5. Okay that funny. I didn't think it was literally going to be about pitt bulls. But yes those are scary dogs if they're not yours. We have one and she's the sweetest angel in the world - to us. Anyone else - watch out. I can't believe they were in Saks. Maybe they were in the market for a few cute juicy outfits to wear so as to be couture while devouring their victims!!!
  6. i dont think this belongs in the steals & deals
  7. yea, Saks and most of the high end stores allow dogs. i bought my maltese to saks many times when i was buying her doggie stuff @ Sak's LV boutique. I guess if they want to sell LV dog collars, and LV dog purses, then they have to let customers bring in dogs? I had my maltese try on the Sac Baxter in 2 sizes before buying one....

    buy, if the pitbull attacked anyone, the dog owner as well as the store would be liable.
  8. I work with animals all day, every day and have yet to meet a vicious/scary pitty (or similar breed). I have however been viciously attacked by chihuahuas, shihtzus and toy poodles...

    A few bad owners and you have got yourself a stereotype.
  9. Aren't dogs supposed to be carried? Most of the maltese-type dogs I see in NYC stores are in a bag or carrier, not on the sales floor to have their delicate paws crushed under the huge feet of some passers-by. I think the OP was shocked because these dogs were on a leash - not only could they get away and attack someone, they could have made some messes!
  10. I agree. My BF has a pit, and he's the sweetest thing in the world. It all depends on how they are raised, and trained. I have a yorkie, and he swears he's a big dog. He's more "vicious" than the pit!
  11. I don't know why they allow dogs in stores, they creep me out. Sorry if you're a dog lover, but seriously stores always lose my business when there are dogs because I just leave.
  12. Okay we need to move this thread before we get in trouble. Anyone know how?
    Or maybe we need to post about great dog-fur coat deals/steals. Cruella Deville anyone?
  13. Back on topic, I thought you were going to be talking about some vicious women fighting over some designer goodies! I've only seen small dogs, being carried by their owners. I think I would be uncomfortable as well.
  14. lol thats what I thought
  15. Watch me get flamed for my post. I am a dog lover and I don't think a dog whether 3 lbs or 150 lbs should be allowed in stores. I don't care if people consider their animals their "babies". They are still animals. Why not take your dog to a park if you want to take it out? Also I really couldn't care less if you have the most well behaved dog on the planet, it is still a dog. Pets are not accessories. Let pets be pets. If I had a big dog, I would get a stroller like I see some people with their pocket puppies, and put my my dog in there AND I would go to places where people with little dogs in strollers go just to see their reaction. :angel: