Saks NYC - is slow shipping the norm? It takes the edge off...

  1. Hi everyone. I'm in the UK and after lots of furious posting here, ordered the bubble quilt hobo flap by phone from Saks in NYC. They charged my card on the day I bought it, it's now nearly two weeks later and it still hasn't been shipped! Is this the norm for Saks? Usually when I order by phone or online, you get things sent witihin 24/48 hours. The delay has made me rethink the purchase and now I think I might cancel the order and go for an expandable flap instead...whaddya all think?
  2. hey, it may be slow because it is overseas. usually I get my shipment from Saks nyc without a day or two-but I am in New York, Call shipping and see where it is. I know when I ship overseas for something it takes a week or two.
  3. Yes, it can be slow but this bag hasn't even left the store yet!
  4. doesn't sound right to me. I just had something shipped from Saks in the US. I ordered on Sunday and it was shipped out on Monday. By Friday, I had it.

    I would call them.
  5. I would definitely call and find out why it hasn't shipped. That doesn't sound right.
  6. something must be wrong, I suggest you talk to the SA in charge. I ordered a purse from Chanel NYC on Sunday, received it on Saturday, within a week.
  7. There is some extra paperwork that they have to take care of with international shipping. But two weeks is way too long for an item waiting to be shipped... You should call the SA that you dealt with, and follow up... Something is not quite right here.
    Good luck! Hope everything get sorted out smoothly.
  8. definitely not the norm. my SA usually takes the item down to the lady at the shipping department and hands it over to her personally and it's shipped that same day. you probably need to talk to your SA and ask him/her what is going on. Like IceEarl said, they shipped it from NY to HongKong!!

    I'm sorry that you had to wait!!!!! It's truly a gorgeous bag!!!! You'll be so happy when you get it.
  9. Call and ask to speak to the handbag manager immediately......They forgot to ship my bag to me once and she actually gave me 20 % off that purchase
  10. ^wow...kellybirkin, it'll be great if they can give you some discount for the delay...keep us posted.